• Julie

    As a current Grad student majoring in the field of psychology and an MFT trainee at Community Counseling Center, Julie has a profound passion and purpose in helping diverse adolescents and young adults with issues such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, life transitions, stress, relationship issues, life coaching, and spirituality. She graduated from Northwest University with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Leadership Ministry in 2019 and has accumulated concrete experiences serving in the church as a volunteer and youth leader. Julie believes identity is an imperative component of a person, and it is fundamental to know and be rooted in identity to function in this world firmly and fruitfully. There are factors in life that can influence and distort a person’s identity causing an individual to disconnect or lose contact with who they genuinely are.

    Julie wholeheartedly help individuals with their issues to restore their identity and empower and encourage people to receive healing, recover and thrive authentically.

    Julie provides a comfortable and safe environment for people to come as they are; so, they can transparently and safely explore and express their thoughts and concerns. She uses directive and holistic approaches and integrates evidenced-based practices and counseling interventions.