• Emergency Mental Health Procedure Information


    Please realize that Community Counseling Center of Elk Grove is not a full service mental health facility and we DO NOT have a 24-hour crisis line.  If you are currently (at this moment) in a situation or state of mind that could result in harm to yourself or anybody else, PLEASE call the contacts listed below for help. Please start with the number that you feel can best align with what you are currently experiencing. If that number does not produce the results you need, continue to call other contacts because it is imperative you connect to a voice that is ready and willing to listen to your situation. These crisis lines are in place to help you when you are overwhelmed in the moment, and an immediate connection is critical to your well being. THEY WANT YOU TO CALL, and are trained to help you in a crisis.

    If you are currently in crisis and need immediate intervention, click below for the Sacramento area crisis contact information

    IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 911 (911), or
    Sutter Hospital Crisis Response Center: (916) 386-3620
    Sacramento County Mental Health Center (Crisis line): (916) 732-3637
    CPC Sierra Vista Hospital (South Sac): (916) 423-2000


    Suicide Prevention: (916) 368-3111
    WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment): (916) 920-2952
    Sacramento County Mental Health Services: (916) 732-3637
    Amador County 24 Hour Crisis Line: (209) 223-2600


    BHC Sierra Vista Hospital (South Sac): (916) 423-2000
    Sutter Center for Psychiatry (East Sac Hwy 50/Power Inn Rd) (916) 386-3000
    CPC Heritage Oaks Hospital (Central Sac Bus 80/ Auburn Blvd) (916) 489-3336

    The reason these contact numbers are available is because ISOLATION in a time of need is not good. Besides calling professionals, we encourage you to consider calling a loved one who you feel understands you and has your best interest in mind. Often talking with someone who knows you and shares your concerns can help you see things a little more clearly and help you through this crisis moment.

    Community Counseling Center of Elk Grove also wants to encourage you to not only reach out to these professional resources for help, but to also reach out and contact your personal support network that is available for you. This could include your close friends your family and your church members.  It is imperative that you are not alone in the struggles, and reaching out in a time and need is one of the reasons we have a support network to begin with.  Give the people who love you the opportunity to be with you in your time of need.


    It is your responsibility to contact someone NOW.